Fire Up The Grill! Everything you need to know to grill perfect shish kebobs.

Summer's here and the time is right to barbecue shish kebobs (or kabobs). We've found a great article that tells you everything you need to know to grill perfect kabobs every time. Add some healthy energy, calorie burning, zero calorie, zero sugar Aspire to your barbecue and let's get this party started!

Ahhh, the shish kabob, or kebob. However you spell it, a perfect kabob can be the highlight of any summer cookout. But to get that “oh-my-god, these are delicious” reaction from your friends and family takes a little bit of knowledge. Thankfully we found a great article that explains EVERYTHING you need to know to go from average to spectacular tasting kebobs.

Get the skinny on how to make great grilled kebobs of all types here: How to Grill Perfect Shish Kebobs


And what goes perfect with not only kebobs, but any summer barbecue? How about ice cold, healthy energy, calorie burning Aspire™? Grab some of your favorite flavor (Cranberry, Apple + Acai and Mango Lemonade) and you’ll be making the party happen all day and night. And remember, healthy energy Aspire has no calories, no sugars and no carbs, so go ahead, have that oh-so-tiny slice of desert cake.

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